Водопад Бурбун в Хмельницкой области.


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An excellent choice for all those who want to visit nature, spend a quiet day off away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The picturesque Bourbon waterfall will help everyone to immerse themselves in childhood and experience incredible emotions. Interestingly, not every resident of the Khmelnytskyi region knows about the existence of this place, which, in fact, is the advantage of going to this waterfall. That is why you will not find random passers-by, crowds of tourists, mountains of garbage and even random buildings near the landmark. Most often people come here for the purpose of organizing tent camps, small tours for a few days or just picnics.

Description of Bourbon (Burbun) Waterfall

The object is located in the canyon of the Bobrovka River, a rather beautiful, unusual place. Water from the waterfall falls from a picturesque gorge, about 5 meters high with a distinctive rumble. It should be noted that the water in the waterfall is very cold during the whole year, so you should be careful, including during swimming in the summer heat. Below from Bourbon you can see a small lake with a characteristic turquoise tint. Nevertheless, the local residents do not deny themselves the pleasure of swimming, and they can do it even not in the most favorable weather.

The abnormally low temperature regime of the water is explained by the peculiarity of the structure of the gorge, formed hundreds of years ago, consisting mainly of shell deposit and silicon rocks, and also a large amount of greenery, which does not allow the sun's rays to break through to the mirror of the lake. As a result, the waterfall is not able to warm up like, for example, rivers, steppe reservoirs. Therefore, the location is not at all suitable for a beach holiday, but it is popular among tourists who prefer tent cities. During the season, you can gather nature's gifts here, in particular wild berries, mushrooms and so on.

Video from Bourbon Fall

Infrastructure and what to do?

Bourbon Waterfall is ideal for family trips, lovers of green tourism. Its popularity is explained by its location, since it is on the way to a number of interesting tourist routes, for example, that lead to Kamiantsia-Podilskyi, where there are more than one and a half hundred unique historical sites. The waterfall is a favorite location for those who want to visit this paradise not far from home, get pleasant impressions, take luxurious memorable pictures and capture a rare video series. Because the object is not the place of actual visit, it is quite difficult to find luxury hotel rooms and restaurants

When planning a visit to Bourbon Falls, it is recommended in advance to find a place where you can stay for the night. It is easiest to do this with local residents. The nearest hotels are in Dunaievtsi, 20-23 km away. The Hotel complex "Best" offers very good conditions for its guests, in which the rooms are equipped with household appliances, air conditioning and have a magnificent view from the windows. The territory has its own fitness center, massage room, table tennis tables. There is also a room service.

A good alternative is the hotel "Adriana", located just 1.8 km from the Krasinski Palace, so the rest can be more interesting. The complex offers accommodation in single and double rooms of various categories, where there is the necessary furniture, toiletries, shower, bathrobe, hairdryer, cold and hot water. There is free parking for drivers. Prior to arrival at the hotel, it is recommended to check the possibility of check-in and the cost of accommodation.

As in the case of hotels, most restaurants, catering establishments where you can enjoy a delicious and comfortable rest are located in Dunaievtsi. One of the good choices is the cafe "Nikol", which offers European cuisine, great cocktails, low-alcohol drinks. A more exquisite place considered the restaurant "Ararat", which is located at the address: 18 A, Haharin Street. There you can taste dishes of Ukrainian, American and Eastern European cuisine. There's a barbecue menu. A great choice of price and quality. It is worth mentioning separately about the cozy restaurant "Nasha Khatka", where you will be amazed by the interior and really high-quality service.


Bourbon Waterfall is situated in the Lysets village, Malyi Yar tract, Dunaievetskyi district of Khmelnytskyi region. Planning to reach the waterfall on your own, by your own car, the best solution will be to use GPS coordinates, which will lead you to your destination without any problems: 48°48'12.11" in width 27°00'23.44" average longitude. Getting to the landmark will not be a problem both by rail and by bus. It is necessary to focus on the city of Khmelnytskyi, from where you need to make a change. From the regional center to the waterfall about 60-80 minutes drive or 85 km.


Summary about waterfall «Bourbon»
Location coordinates48°48′12.11″ N 27°00′23.44″ E
Height5 meters
Cafe/Shop no
Approach by carit is possible / by SUV / the car will have to be left 300 meters from the waterfall
Congestion medium
Additional entertainmentno
Price free
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Khmelnitsky region, Dunaevets district, Maly Yar tract, Lysets village Location of Bourbon on map

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