Caving guarantees a quiet, exotic active rest. Caves of Ukraine can be an excellent addition to any excursion program in our country. Nowadays, there are several interesting locations for civilized visits, including those without physical activities and special equipment. These locations will show you to stalactites, stalagmites, deep wells, huge underground halls, fancy crystals and the native aboriginal inhabitants - bats, which are no danger for visitors. 

Caves will give each visitor an unusual rest, where it will be possible to see a lot of interesting things. Before the "hike" it`s necessary to make sure that the visitor is not afraid of the dark, closed spaces, can calmly tolerate the cold and temperature changes. In the case of extreme tourism through unequipped or poorly adapted to visit the grottos, you should prepare for some physical challenges, lack of comfortable ways and bridges. The most popular areas which are recommended for unusual rest are:

  • Crimea;
  • Ternopil region;
  • Carpathians.

There are hand-made show caves created by hermits and monks in Ukraine. We should also mention underground and rock monasteries, amazing churches, where you can be led by professional guides.

What is the advantage of a show caves?

This is an excellent choice for those who want to see unique places in comfortable conditions. It usually includes safe walkways, clear signs, and enough light to view the natural exhibitions. Most of caves are more like museums with their natural humidity and temperature. The most popular locations are:

  • Kizil-Kobu;
  • Mermer kobasy;
  • Emine-Bair-Khosar cave;
  • Skelsky stalactite underground;
  • Bilche-Gold;
  • Crystal Cave;
  • Kiik-Koba grotto, etc.

Different variants have their own specifics, features and are able to immerse visitors in the appropriate atmosphere. The cone-shaped stones hanging from the ceiling or protruding from the floor will amaze not only children, but also adults. This beauty will be able to leave bright and unforgettable impressions for many years. Do not forget to ask about the conditions of visiting the caves, the time of their work, the possibility of a visit and many another important questions when planning your rest.

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