Our country is rich in beautiful and interesting places that deserve to take its rightful place in the list of tourists. If for some people the natural wonders are considered familiar, for most people they will be a great choice for a good rest. Many locations will allow you to have a great time, take interesting photos and enjoy the scenery. It should be noted that tourists travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers to visit some of them. It is important to add that the caves, grottoes, rivers and lakes in Ukraine attract the attention of visitors from other countries, including people who live across the ocean.

What to prefer?

Interesting locations in Ukraine are a great choice for leisure activities if you prefer a quiet rest. The presence of many nature reserves, waterfalls and other beauties will make every tourist to think about their interests. Extreme connoisseurs are advised to visit cave complexes, cliffs, canyons, mountains, ideal for sports, including rock climbing and mountaineering. For example, you can consider visiting the rocky shore in the Zhytomyr region.

A quieter rest, surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes, trees and animals waits on the shores of the Black Sea or uninhabited islands. In addition, there are many amazing places, to be appreciated by fans of fishing and gathering mushrooms. Natural areas will give bright impressions, positive emotions, good mood and colorful photos. They are rich in interesting hiking trails and amazing objects.

Eastern Ukraine can delight visitors with unique natural cascades of hills, Chalk Mountains, stone formations of unusual shapes and sizes. National parks will surprise visitors with rare representatives of flora and fauna, some of which are in the Red Book. Special attention should be paid to waterfalls and lakes with healing properties and crystal clear water. Sun and beach lovers will appreciate it.

What is the result?

As you see, Ukraine has an incredible amount of "treasures" that can take years to visit it. We have not only natural beauties, but also hospitality people who will gladly guide you to interesting places. So you can learn a lot about salt wells, gas fountains, rocks, caves and even volcanoes. The most interesting thing is that all these places are close to us. So do not waste your time, explore the most interesting locations and go on a trip in the coming weekend!

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