Vacation near a lake can be a great alternative to a trip to the sea. It is also a great choice for ecotourism connoisseurs, all those who want to find interesting landscapes or just enjoy the silence. It is interesting that there are more than 20,000 reservoirs and ponds in Ukraine, many of which are considered unique.

There is always a feeling of freshness and freedom next to them. Most locations impress with their picturesqueness, natural beauty, cleanliness and tranquility. Some lakes are located near populated areas, which makes them a favorite place to relax by the water, at least for most local residents.

Part of the reservoirs is located near the oldest cities, nature reserves, and architectural monuments. Such features will make it possible to diversify absolutely any family vacation program, make it more saturated, bright and unforgettable. Separately, it is worth saying about the objects that are surrounded by coniferous forests, where tourists like to set up tent cities and get complete relaxation. There are also lakes with a rich content of useful, valuable microelements in the water, which can cure the body of chronic diseases, relieve tension from the body, which is tired from the constant daily hustle and bustle.

It is especially worth highlighting locations located in nature reserves and park zones. In addition to the forest aroma, birdsong, coolness and clean water, unexpected encounters with wild animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book, as well as bright photo sessions are possible there. Lakes in western Ukraine are particularly impressive. In addition to visual pleasure, there you can get acquainted with incredible and very beautiful legends related to the emergence of water bodies. A number of them are ideal places where it will be possible not only to swim, but also to organize fishing, beach holidays, boat trips, catamaran trips, as well as try yourself in extreme sports.

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