Ukraine is rich in a huge number of inspiring places and natural monuments that every Ukrainian should visit at least once in his life. Of particular note are the waterfalls, located mostly in the western part of Ukraine. They will delight with their energy, whitewaters, rapids, water noise. Many locations are ideal for fans of not only active but also passive recreation. Among the most popular sites where you can take luxurious memorable photos, it is necessary to note the waterfall Shypit, Zhenetskyi Huk, Probiy and Kamianka.

In the hot season, the cool streams of waterfalls in Ukraine allow travelers to refresh themselves, enjoy relaxation in the shade of dense greenery, enjoy the scenery. In winter, most locations become even more interesting and brighter. Often, rapids and currents partially freeze, impressing with a play of light, similar to how it happens with diamonds. Some people come to see such an unusual miracle of nature in spring, during the period of coming out of the long sleep of all living things, as well as in autumn, when landscapes and mountain slopes look especially unusual.

Waterfalls are attracting more and more attention of lovers of active recreation, including rafting, kayaking, climbing. Excursions and special events are regularly organized to the most popular sites. You can combine a hike to the cascading "beauties" by climbing the highest peak of Ukraine, Mount Hoverla, as well as relaxing at the most popular ski resorts. Most of the waterfalls have a relatively convenient hike, which can be done without special equipment and skills, including poorly trained tourists. You can find all the necessary information about such locations on the pages of our site.

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