Droplet waterfall in the Gorgan massif.


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The Carpathians will allow tourists to enjoy the scenery and untouched nature. Special mention should be made of waterfalls, which attract with their special beauty, grandeur and power. They are considered unique objects all over the world. The ideal time to visit them is mid-spring and early summer, during a period when snow is actively melting and mountain rivers are full of water. Just one day spent at the waterfall will allow each tourist to replenish energy, get a charge of vigor and good mood. And what is interesting, to see such beauty, you do not have to go far, we have everything in the country.

Description of Krapelnyi Waterfall

Experienced travelers are well aware that the same waterfalls do not exist. Therefore, each new object is able to bring them a bright and truly (in the good sense of the word) unforgettable experience. Kraplynnyi (Krapelkovyi) Waterfall is most often visited in the warm season, when you can not only look at the miniature streams falling from a height of 10 meters down, but even swim. The place is perfect for a picnic or a holiday with a tent. Given the fact that the waterfall is in the mountains, before hiking to it, it is desirable to prepare a route, and ideally - to use the help of an experienced guide.

The waterfall breaks out of a narrow gorge. In the dry season, it flows down in individual drops. It is this feature that gave it the appropriate name. Its unusual architecture gives the opportunity to look at the surrounding space "from the inside". The fact is that there is a separate convenient approach that allows you to stand between the jets of water and the rock surface, almost as in the mirror-world. It should be added that the waterfall is not considered cascading, because the water flows in one stream. In terms of accessibility for the average tourist, Krapelnyi Waterfall is quite convenient. Only some sections of the road to it can be called difficult.

Video from Krapelkovyi Waterfall

Infrastructure and what to do?

Next to Krapelnyi Waterfall is Bukhtivetskyi Waterfall, which has its own distinctive features and stands out for its incredible natural beauty. A small and informative walk to unusual objects will forever remain in the memory of any guest of such a beautiful place. There are a lot of locations around, where you can take magnificent photos, find the perfect lawn for camping with a tent, walk in the shade of old trees, really enjoy the silence and the singing of forest birds.

It is best to get refreshments in one of the catering establishments in Nadvirna. The ideal solution would be a trip to Pizza House, located at Dmytro Serik street, 27a, where guests can enjoy a truly delicious and appetizing pizza. Many visitors to the restaurant emphasize that the staff of the pizzeria knows their business. Another interesting place where everyone can have a good time - Fokacho restaurant, located on Mykhailo Hrushevskoho Street, 2.

You also mustn’t pass by the Shafran restaurant, which, according to tourists, prepares delicious soups, dumplings and salads. All the dishes on the menu will please at democratic prices. The establishment is located at Kniahynia Olha street, 3a. Fantastic meat dishes, salads, side dishes, pancakes and homemade pastries at San Remo Restaurant can turn a visit to the Kraplynnyi (Krapelkovyi) Waterfall into a real holiday. Many visitors especially note the tea.

You can stay overnight in one of the hotels in Nadvirna. Special mention should be made of Hotel Smaragd, one hundred at 11 Chornovola Street. The rooms of the complex are equipped with a single double bed, the necessary amenities - hot water, telephone, appliances. There is a private car park, an indoor pool and a restaurant. The availability of rooms should be clarified in advance.

A great alternative is the hotel Fetrbusch, located on Soborna, 43B, a few meters from the city center. The complex has a restaurant, playground, parking. It is possible to order a transfer from the airport, bus station or railway station of Ivano-Frankivsk. For guests there is a reception, internet access. Rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture and appliances, cleaning is carried out daily, delivery of drinks and food is possible on additional order.


The approach to the Krapelkovyi Waterfall is not the most convenient, however, you can get to your destination both on foot and by car, of course the SUV is better. The waterfall is located in the Horhany massif, on a stream that is a tributary of the river Bukhtivets, near the village of Bukove. The easiest way to find it is by GPS coordinates 48.64906360, 24.36999340. You can get from Kyiv by different modes of transport. If it is a bus or train, it is best to take a ticket to Ivano-Frankivsk, from where you need to take local buses to the bus station in Nadvirna. In general, tourists do not have serious problems with transport.


Summary about waterfall «Krapelnyi»
Location coordinates48°36′13″ N 24°22′15″ E
Height10 meters
Cafe/Shop no
Approach by carSUV or car with high ground clearance
Congestion low
Additional entertainmentBukhtivetsky waterfall is nearby
Price free
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