Водоспад Пробій у місті Яремче.


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The water falling from the tops of the rocks has always fascinated the human eye. Incredible "living" picture is deservedly considered one of the most amazing and beautiful works of nature. Therefore, probably no one will argue that the waterfall Probiy is one of the most amazing and colorful objects in our country, which attracts a large number of tourists and visitors. To some extent, it is considered a full-fledged business card of Yaremche.

Description of the Probiy Waterfall

The object got its name due to the incredible water power, able to break through rocks and literally "grind" stones. There is a waterfall in a long gorge, on one side of which flows the picturesque river Prut. It is important to say that many rapids in this area end in such an incredible natural wonder. A special decoration of the seen picture are the landscapes that open to the landscape. Therefore, the waterfall can be considered a vivid embodiment of the power and grandeur of the water element.

A feature of Probiy waterfall is its location. Getting to it is very easy. Locals say that until recently the height of the waterfall was 25 meters. In order to organize the rafting of wooden logs down the river, the local authorities decided to blow it up, thus ensuring a better "transfer" of wood. Despite the fact that today it is only 8 meters high, the water that breaks down creates the effect of "boiling" liquid. This is expressed in the characteristic sound that can be heard a few hundred meters away.

Video from the Probiy Waterfall

Infrastructure and what to do?

It is best to watch the waterfall from a small and high pedestrian bridge, located next to the souvenir market, fair, where you can buy many interesting things and handicrafts. A good alternative is a suspension crossing, where you can clearly see the rushing streams of Probiy. When planning to take memorable bright photos right at the foot, or entering the waterfall, keep in mind that the stones and the approach to the object are quite slippery. It is very easy to fall down from massive boulders and get injured. Therefore, without insurance, it is desirable to limit to the photos from safer places.

Nearby Probiy there is a famous tourist route to the mountain range, the top of Yavirnyk. It should be noted that the whole way is marked and, if you go with an experienced guide, the trip will be completely safe. It should be added that the waterfall is also the finish point of the rafting "trail". It is to the Probiy through the Yaremche canyon that extreme enthusiasts make 40-kilometer "swims" in kayaks and catamarans from Vorokhta itself. It should also be added that in a few minutes’ walk from the waterfall there are "Gothic folds".

Hutsulshchyna restaurant is a favorite place of rest for tourists who come to see the Probiy waterfall. The place impresses with a large number of unusual sculptures made of natural wood. The dishes offered by the chefs of this establishment are guaranteed to delight every visitor. Among the hot offers it is necessary to note Carpathian trout, veal, chicken liver. You can quench your thirst with uzvar, compote or juice.

Another popular place to eat well is the Probiy cafe. It is mainly possible to taste Ukrainian cuisine, including delicious soups, stews, zrazy, meat products, barbecue, borsch, zama, suya and more. Most visitors to the cafe note the good service and more than democratic prices (compared to the nearest competitors). Of the nuances - not everyone likes the beer on sale, as well as not the best condition of the bathrooms. In addition, sometimes there is a high humidity and a characteristic smell inside the establishment.

Given the favorable location of the waterfall, finding a place to live near it is quite simple. Edelweiss Hotel is 650 meters away, Nezabudka Cottage, Hoverla and Premier Hotel are 640 meters away. Romantik Spa Hotel is no more than 950 meters away and Vershyna Aparthotel is 1000 meters away. In addition, there are a lot of offers from locals, who not only give shelter for a nominal fee, but also feed, as well as create a great company, a great mood.


The object is located in the resort town of Yaremche, almost in its heart, on Petrasha Street, near another equally interesting waterfall Maiden Tears. If you go to it by car or any other mode of transport, you can use GPS coordinates 48.4392331, 24.53973510000003. You can approach the waterfall on foot by railway bridge (you need to walk 0.5 kilometers), or drive - the road will take no more than 15-20 minutes. By the way, Yaremche has a city railway station and a car station, so you can get here by popular means of transport for relatively little money.


Summary about waterfall «Probiy»
Location coordinates48°26′22″ N 24°32′22″ E
Height8 meters
Cafe/Shop yes
Approach by carit is possible
Congestion high
Additional entertainmentzipline, kayaking, rafting
Price free
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