Карстова печера Атлантида в Хмельницькій області.


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A dungeon of karst origin, which was awarded the status of a geological natural monument of national significance in 1975. Today it is part of the National Nature Park «Podilski Tovtry». The cave began to form in the Neogene period in conditions when the Dniester River valley was still in its infancy, and the terrain more resembled a wide plain. Now the cave consists of three horizontal tiers. It should be noted that its discoverer V. Ya. Rohozhkin declared that among the caves studied by him (more than 600), he did not see such good formations.

Description of the Cave «Atlantyda» («Atlantis»)

The object is located in the valley of the beautiful Zbruch River. From the inside, the grotto is covered with colored gypsum crystals and other mineral formations. The cave is distinguished by its beauty, unique design and its scale. Information about it is included in international encyclopedias and specialized reference books. A large flow of tourists has become the most important danger for Atlantis. It's because people started to extract and destroy gypsum crystals en masse, from which they made souvenirs. Acetylene lamps, primuses, candles and torches gradually blackened the natural beauty of the ceiling and walls, which negatively affected the population of local bats.

Video from the cave of Atlantis

History of discovery

Even before its discovery, amazing events were happening around. According to one of the legends, a majestic temple once stood at the top of a picturesque slope. One day he fell into the ground. This fact influenced the real name of the village. By the middle of the last century, a quarry was organized on the site of the shrine, in which gypsum was extracted. After reaching a depth of 18 meters, specialists discovered many huge voids, which complicated the development.

Already in 1968 speleologists from Kyiv became interested in voids. They conducted a series of scientific experiments. After a short time, the specialists came to a large cave, ending with numerous holes filled with clay. This prompted speleologists to start organizing new excavations, as a result of which a large hall was found, and the cave was given the name "Atlantis". Since 1975, the area of 10 hectares around the object has become a geological natural landmark.

More detailed soil research began 4 years later. Separately, it is necessary to say about the speleological group led by Oleksandr Klimchuk, who managed to perform a topographic survey of the dungeons. As a result of fruitful work, several new halls and passages were opened. They are particularly interested in the interweaving of thin needles, dense shrubs that form large crystal giants of unusual colors and shapes. It is not surprising why the found passages and halls received such artistic names.

Morphometric indicators

The total area of the cave is 4440 m², volume 11360 m³, length 2.525 kilometers. The structure of Atlantis is considered very complex. The cave is based on a spatial structure consisting of voluminous and high galleries-highways. The tunnels of the second tier are 9 meters higher than the first tier. The third floor is 3 meters higher. The existing measures were the result of the impact of groundwater on rocks.

Cave Galleries

In the lower tier, attention is drawn to galleries with wide passageways and high-placed ceilingsThey are the result of the action of powerful underground streams.There are also located basements, more resembling labyrinths. The intersection of highways form large halls. Among the most famous "rooms" can be noted "Dynamo", "Pidkoriuvach", the height of which is more than 10 meters.

On the second floor, you can see small cavities just over 1.5 * 1.5 meters. They are not as comfortable to pass as highways, and more often lead to a dead end. The labyrinths of the middle tier regularly cross the main galleries. This allows you to simply move between floors. One of the most popular halls is the transitional hall, striking in its beauty. The third tier is above the other passages, almost near the gypsum layer. A couple of small tunnels with a ceiling height of 5 meters deserve attention in it. Informally, there is a fourth tier in Atlantyda, which is called the "Castle of the Snow Queen". Its small size does not allow conducting excursion programs in this part of the dungeon. By the way, they do not consider this hall full-fledged.

Interesting facts

Many tourists associate Atlantis with something mysterious and beautiful. The cave amazes with passages, unusual galleries, mysterious formations. Secondary cave deposits are of special interest. It is about breeds of different genealogical origin. As a result of numerous roof collapses, cavities were formed. Gravity deposits and fragments of gypsum blocks can be found on the floor of the cave. Similar landslide bodies divide the cave system into several separate fragments.

Visit conditions

Because it is dark inside the cave, it is recommended to take a powerful flashlight with you. Given the complexity of the terrain of the dungeon, it does not hurt to have good hiking shoes, gloves, warm and changeable clothes. Please note that some areas can only be overcome by crawling on wet clay. The entrance to Atlantyda is absolutely free. The tour is recommended to be conducted as part of an organized group under the guidance of an experienced guide.


The cave is located in the Kamianets-Podilskyi district of the Khmelnytskyi region, near the village of Zavallia, Borshchiv, Khotyn. Suburban buses and route vehicles regularly move in the direction of the object. From Zavallia you will have to overcome a path of 25 km.


Summary about cave «Atlantyda»
Location coordinates 48°35′55.43″ N 26°20′42.90″ E
Length of the cave 2525 meters
Area 4440 m²
Volume11360 m³
The arrangement of the cave as part of a group
Distance from the nearest settlement1 km
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Khmelnytsky region, Kamyanets-Podilsky district, Zavalye village Location of Atlantyda on map

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