Геонавт - небольшая пещера возле Киева.


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There are not many caves, which are interesting from the point of view of tourism in Kyiv region. The most popular is the Geonaut Cave. It is perfect for fans of outdoor activities and thrill-seekers. This place is a great choice for organizing a weekend tour, as well as a good alternative to the more famous Crimean tunnels. It takes no more than an hour to get to the underground from Kyiv, which makes it even more attractive.

Description of the Geonaut Cave

Right at the entrance is a large hall. The walls of the cave are riddled with amazing patterns, which are made mostly by guests of the cave. After a few meters a branching begins. On the left side is the main entrance on the right side is a small hall. It is virtually unreal to get lost in the black tunnel, as moving through it, you will definitely get out. It is necessary to take into consideration that at the entrance begins to rise, and there is a narrowing of the passageway at the last 10 meters. If you go into the cave, wearing a warm jacket, the clothes can get caught on the protruding passages.

Geonauts are visited with interest not only by experienced, but also by novice speleologists. They are particularly interested in bas-reliefs, the origin and age of which has not yet been established. In addition to unusual "images" and autographs of visitors here can see an artistic facade sketch of the monastery with massive columns. The easiest way out of the cave is through the second entrance. If you go out through the first exit, you will need to make some effort to get back through the cramped passage. It is important to add that by its climatic features the cave is excellent for overnight stays.

Video from the cave "Geonaut"

History of discovery

The reasons and the time of the appearance of the cave are still unknown. Some argue that it was formed by nature, due to the ongoing internal processes of the appearance of karst cavities and rockslides. Most archaeologists believe that formerly Geonaut was a monastic monastery, and therefore most of the passages that exist today have man-made origin.

Morphometric Indicators

The total length of the cave is 60 meters. It has two main halls. The entrance is located at a height of 5 meters. The object consists mainly of stone and clay. Inside it is cool, but not cold. The height in some places reaches 3-4 meters.

The galleries of the cave

The cave consists of two main halls. The first is characterized by its large size and two branches that allow free movement. If you always keep to the right, you can get to the small hall, which can be moved in a squatting position. The left side will lead to the highest point of the cave, to which you have to crawl about 20 meters. There are several sections in Geonaut where it is possible to turn around and go back, if necessary.

Interesting Facts

Historians claim that the Geonaut was previously a place where monks used to hide from persecution. It is due to this that the length of the tunnels has increased slightly. Note that the wall "drawings" of aliens found here suggest that perhaps contacts with representatives of other civilizations took place here. Some tourists come to the cave with tents, and the most desperate ones dare to spend the night inside the cave. It is also interesting that not many people, even in the Kyiv region, know about the existence and location of this object.

Visiting Conditions

It is best to refrain from hiking in the rainy season. This is explained by the fact that the cave consists mainly of clay rocks, under the influence of moisture prone to gain weight and collapse. It is recommended to inform your friends and relatives about your whereabouts since Geonaut is an object of extreme tourism, which will allow finding you in case of emergency. It is recommended that you take a flashlight and other tunnel hiking equipment, as there is no access to natural light inside the underground.


Geonaut is located near the village Khodosivka in Kyiv region, at an altitude of about 5 meters. The easiest way to get to the cave is from the Lybidskaya subway station. All you need to do is to take a minibus № 738, which will take you to place where you need to go. The landmark is the town "Golden Gate", the barrier. You will need to go to the first turn from it, and then you will have to find a hole in the fence. Then you need to walk down the path, which will lead to the entrance of the cave.


Summary about cave «Geonaut»
Location coordinates 50°15′19″ N 30°31′37″ E
Length of the cave 60 meters
Inlet well depththe cave is at a height of 5 meters
The arrangement of the cave no, individual visit at your own risk
Distance from the nearest settlement1 km
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