Печера "Мармурова" на плато Чатир-Даг в Криму.


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The Marble Cave is considered the most romantic and beautiful natural underground formation. Its peculiarity is perfect safety and good equipment. You can get acquainted with the bowels of the Crimean peninsula as well as take great pictures during the excursion. Tourists can be difficult to contain their impressions of the picture they have seen staying inside. The stone "roses", grand halls, powerful columns, ceiling "chandeliers", small waterfalls, stalactites and stalagmites will succeed in giving you a pleasant and wonderful rest.

Description of the Marble Cave

This place first became known in 1987. Scientists, experts and researchers all this time bypassed the Marble Cave for unknown reasons. It was discovered by a shepherd who was trying to find a lost pet according to one of the legends. Officially the cave was "discovered" in 1987 during the scientific work of speleologists. The unique and rich interior of the location impressed them so much that they continued to explore the object with great enthusiasm. By 1989, after the safety work and equipping the tunnels, the cave became accessible to ordinary tourists. Already in 1992, it was included in the list of the International Association for the Inventory of Equipped Caves in Europe.

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History of Discovery

The cave got its name thanks to the limestone marble rocks, of which it actually consists. After the first visit you can understand why the Marble Cave is exactly the one you are looking for. The artificial lighting, chamber-like environment allow to notice the reflections, shimmering on the floor, walls, and ceiling. All kinds of patterns, sculptural formations and bizarre figures amaze all imagination. The age of many "local inhabitants" (stone massifs) here is counted in thousands of years.

Morphometric Indicators

Initially, at the time of its official opening for tourists to visit, the length of the Marble Cave was about 180 meters. Currently this figure is increased to 1.5 kilometers. The duration of all explored passages, including transitions and tunnels reaches up to 2 kilometers, and their depth - sometimes 60 meters. Almost all the halls are equipped with staircases, bridges, observation decks, handrails. This guarantees a safe stay in the cave. Internal lighting helps not only to move comfortably, but also performs a decorative function, making the presentation of fossils in an even more attractive way.

The Cave Galleries

Inside the cave there is a sense of mystery and mystique. The location will delight you with the presence of unusual halls with characteristic features and names. One of the interesting places is the gallery of Fairy Tales. There are a huge number of speleothem formations, stalagmites and stalactites, in the form of which you can see the fancy images. All you need to do is use your imaginatio

No less interesting is the Tiger Cave, which became available to the public the following year after the opening of the Marble Cave. It is located in some distance and consists of several rooms. A special feature of the Tiger Cave is its interior, represented by stone flower beds, waterfalls and small lakes with crystal clear water. Here scientists managed to find the remains of old animals of prey (saber-toothed tiger, lion and others). The mentioned facts served as a reason to give the gallery an appropriate nam

Separately, it is worth mentioning the spacious Cave Hall, which is 0.25 kilometers long and 28 meters high. The history of its appearance is quite interesting. Millions of years ago there was a large-scale collapse between the floors and the cave passages, and at the same time there are still big enough voids. Actually, this fact was the reason for the name of the hall. Of the features of the location can be noted the presence of corralite flowers, non-handmade columns, giant boulders of ston

Of particular interest is the Rose Hall, which belongs to the mineralogical museum on the lower level. You can get there by a narrow path and have to cross several rocks to get there. Hall got its name from a large variety of "flowers" of stone, more like delicate roses. In addition, it is worth visiting the Clay Hall, the Palace Hall, the Balcony Hall, the Chandelier Hall, the Chocolate Hall, the Helix Hall, the Caving Hall, the Ruff Hall and other halls, where you can see pearl lakes, stone altars, golden cascades, stalactite forests and more.

Interesting Facts

The object is smaller in size than the Red Caves, however, it is more popular. Not far from the Marble Cave there is another interesting attraction. It is an equipped Emine Bayir Hosar cave, why tourists get a great opportunity to visit two objects at once in a day.

Terms of Visit

There are several routes available that differ in program, duration, and cost. Each program includes a visit to the Gallery of Fairy Tales, as it is the starting point of any tour. The full route is 80 minutes in length. All tours are conducted exclusively with a guide as part of organized tour groups. Entrance for children under 5 years of age is free, 12 years - with a discount of 50%. Since it is quite cool inside the cave, warm clothes are available for rent at the local cave rental shop. Working hours of the cave complex are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.


The cave is located on the lower plateau of the Chatyr-Dag. It is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, near the village of Mramornoye. The easiest way to get to the destination is from Simferopol. If you travel by car, you should see the Zarechnoe village with the stop of the same name. You can find the cave by the road signs. After you reach Mramornoye, the asphalt surface is changed by an unpaved road. On the territory there is a parking lot.


Summary about cave «Marble»
Location coordinates 44°47′49″ N 34°16′43″ E
Length of the cave 2050 meters
Area 22000 m²
Volume125000 m³
Depth60 meters
The arrangement of the cave yes, without special training and equipment
Distance from the nearest settlement15 km
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