Печера Оптимістична в Тернопільській області.


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Ukraine has always been of great interest for tourists and explorers, including those from other countries. The Optimistic Cave is a vivid proof of that. It is considered the longest on the continent cave despite the fact that today no more than 15% of all the tunnels have been explored. It is hard even to imagine how many caves hidden from the human eyes are yet to be discovered by paleontologists in the near future. Interestingly, the cave is a geological monument and the national property of our country. In addition, the Optimistic Cave is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Description of the Optimistic Cave

The object is a complex and intricate system of underground passages, incredible galleries, difficult to pass tunnels, which differ in their shape, size, and natural composition. Traveling through the marvelous corridors, many tourists find it hard to believe that all the available underground passages were formed more than 14 million years ago.

It should be noted that the process of stalagmites formation, stalactites and caves continues to this day. The karst base of the formation can be explained by the fact that previously in its place there was a shallow sea, which retreated and left behind tectonic plates covered with readily soluble gypsum. It was constantly moving, thereby creating voids and heaps, which later turned into a cave, in the process of their movement.

The beginning of the Optimistic Cave is an unremarkable tunnel with gray plaster walls. Tourists' first impressions are usually ambiguous. Tourists realize that they got into a real kingdom of crystals, which have a characteristic glow in the mysterious semi-darkness going down further into the cave. As they advance, the amazing formations increase in size as well.

The Gothic-style multi-story tunnels, purple crystals overhanging from the ceiling and reaching up to 1 meter in length, deserve special attention. In addition to the mineral formations the cave lakes with fresh water, the area of which can be up to 15m2, are of interest. Inside you can meet the local inhabitants - bats, which are not very friendly to unexpected guests.

Video from the Optimistic Cave

History of discovery

For the first time, members of the Lviv caving club "Cyclops" announced about the underground cave. It happened in 1966, when a topographic survey was carried out in the area of the Vetrovaya cave. Then speleologists Myron Savchin and Alexey Solyar, began to explore the small stream, located under the ground, at the tip of the local kids. After passing the clay siphon, the specialists explored the first 400 meters of the cave. Then, a vigorous exploration of the underground began. Currently, Cyclops continues to engage in its activities and open up new paths.

Morphometric indicators

The length of the explored tunnels is more than 260 km, which occupy an area of up to 240000 м². The maximum depth of the Optimistic cave is up to 20 meters. In total, the underground was equipped with about 270 expeditions. The average temperature inside the tunnels is 11 degrees above zero, and in the underground base camps - 15 degrees and above.

The galleries of the cave

The cave has a total of 23 areas connected by separate passages. Each tunnel is characterized by its own morphology of passages, color, gypsum structure, size and number of all kinds of crystals. Among the most interesting and important areas are the Milky Way Gallery, Karaganda, Pushkin, Golden Poloz and the grottoes of Cat and Tudusya.

Interesting facts

The cave got its name because of the skeptical attitude of paleontologists, who did not believe in its existence and simply could not find its location for a long time. We should add that many visitors do not even suspect that the Optimistic cave has defended its name thanks to the residents of Lviv - its discoverers. Interestingly, the longest cave in the world is regularly visited by extrasensory psychics from other countries. They believe there is an energy pole at the cave site that helps heal the sick and see the future.

Visitor Conditions

Tourists are forbidden to take samples of any fragments of the cave, as well as changing the position of existing parts of the dungeon. It is unacceptable to leave various inscriptions inside, notches on outgrowths, to smoke the walls with torches and to change any natural formation by artificial means. Visitors must observe all measures to preserve the internal flora and fauna, as well as be careful with the measuring devices and sensors installed in the tunnels.

It is recommended to take comfortable clothes, shoes and necessary equipment for hiking. Nearby rent a flashlight, overalls, rubber boots, etc. can be rented. In the case of choosing an extreme route, characterized by greater duration, it is not superfluous to take along food. You may also need gloves, batteries, thermal underwear and helmet of the necessary equipment. Please, remember that your visit to the cave must be planned at least 10 days in advance.


The Optimistic cave is located in Borschevsky district, Ternopil region, in the southwest of Korolevka village. It is relatively easy both by public transport and by car to get to the cave. If you move by car, you should follow the highway T-2018 and "go" to the settlement Borschev. If you choose the bus, you can take one of the direct shuttles to Korolevka from the regional centers, including Kamyanets-Podolsky and Ternopol. On arrival, it will be enough to find speleobaza - house speleologist, located almost at the end of the village.


Summary about cave «Optimistic»
Location coordinates 48°44′07″ N 25°58′30″ E
Length of the cave 267000 meters
Area 240000 m²
Volume495000 m³
Depth of the dungeon60-80 meters
The arrangement of the cave as part of a group
The year of the discovery1966
Distance from the nearest settlementon the territory of the village
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