Каскад Буковинських водоспадів біля села Розтоки, Чернівецької області.

Bukovynian cascade

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In the Ukrainian Carpathians there are many different streams, reservoirs, flooded rivers, which for a long time have been "paving" their way through rock formations, rocks and dense sandy soils. Numerous waterfalls deserve special attention, emphasizing the natural beauty and harmony of mountain landscapes, as well as wooded areas. It is important to note that today the location is under state protection and is part of the Roztokivske forestry of the Carpathian special forestry. Depending on the season, small streams can turn into high-water mountain ponds, which are often very difficult to access.

Description of the cascade of "Bukovina (Smuharski) Waterfalls"

The most attractive locations are located in the Chernivtsi region, near the river Cheremosh, a tributary of the Smuhariv. Interestingly, there are only seven (studied) amazing cascading waterfalls on the 2-kilometer section of the river. Each of them is distinguished by a special beauty, power, individual "character". They are all formed by sandstones, shales and limestones. A number of waterfalls in the mountain gorge are distinguished by their strength, height, which is from 3 to 18 meters. It makes sense to describe each of them in a little more detail.

It is necessary to begin with the beautie Kovber Waterfall which width is bigger than its height and reaches 3.5 meters. The site was named after the owner of a water mill that stood nearby, who managed to build a small concrete barrier for independent water extraction. If you go upstream of the river Cheremosh, just 20 meters away is another equally beautiful waterfall - Sych. In it, the water falls down from a height of 10.5 meters. Its peculiarity is the unusual noise, which is somewhat reminiscent of the hiss of a huge bird. You can hear the characteristic hum from a great distance. This fact was the reason why the waterfall was given the appropriate name.

Next, "goes" an identical vertical cascading waterfall - Nyzhnii Huk. Its height is only 9 meters, but in its grandeur and beauty, it is not inferior to the above objects. If you go upstream, then in a kilometer you can find another waterfall - Vorota. In it the water falls from a height of 3.5 meters. Then only 250 meters separate the object from another natural wonder - Serednii Huk. Its distinctive feature is high water, height 10.5 meters and the ability to take just fantastic pictures. The place impresses with the opening landscapes.

In a sense, the Velykyi Huk, which lies 500 meters away, can be considered a brother of the Serednii Huk. It is called so not by chance. The fact is that its highest point is at a height of more than 19 meters. Many tourists note its unique appearance and massiveness. The seventh waterfall on the way is the Vyshchyi Huk (5 meters high). In general, it is a great addition to the whole picture of the Bukovina formation, which is a popular point of many tourist routes. In addition, there are several similar locations that are of less interest to tourists.

Video from the cascade of "Bukovina Waterfalls"

Infrastructure and what to do?

Before going to the waterfalls, you need to correctly determine the best time for it. Ideally, this should be great weather. It is not superfluous to bring an experienced guide. The cascade of "Bukovina Waterfalls" is a great place for every lover of active recreation. The location is suitable for rafting, kayaking on the river Cheremosh. Lovers of extreme sports will definitely want to swim in the icy water, get a hydromassage under the rapid streams of the mountain stream, get a boost of vitality and a surge of vitality.

You can stay overnight in one of the hotels, located 10-20 minutes drive from the cascade of "Bukovina Waterfalls". Villa Veselka is located just 21 km from the site. A good alternative is the cottage "Lehenda Karpat" in 13.3 km, guest house "Pysanka" in 15 km, villa "Diola" in 15 km. It is quite simple to find the necessary options for both the quality of service and the specifics of living. It is better to look for more detailed information on specialized services.

It is possible to eat fill in nearby restaurant complexes, including The Hut, Hromad, etc. Special mention should be made of Staryi Kosov, which is ideal for a romantic dinner, meetings with business partners, celebrations of memorable events. There are several halls. Each of them will impress visitors with stylish interior design, exquisite Ukrainian and Hutsul cuisine. Of the specialties should be noted salad "Morozko", soup "Grandma's peas", meat "Korona". Prices are quite reasonable.


The easiest way to get to the Bukovina Waterfalls cascade is from the city of Chernivtsi, which (for example, from Kyiv) is not difficult to reach by rail, regular buses or your own car. Next you need to follow the village of Roztoky. It's easy to do this on suburban buses. It should be noted that the path to the waterfalls begins at the entrance to the village. The corresponding road is located just a few meters from the highway. It should be added that you need to go along the Cheremosh River.


Summary about waterfall «Bukovynian cascade»
Location coordinates48°09′54″ N 25°08′42″ E
Heightfrom 3 to 18 meters
Cafe/Shop within walking distance
Approach by car200 meters from the waterfall the route ends and the primer begins, it is worth assessing the throughput of your car
Congestion medium
Additional entertainmentkayaking / rafting
Price free
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