Прутський (Говерлянський) водоспад на схилі гори Говерла.


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The place is considered a real pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Prut Waterfall is often called Hoverla waterfall, and this is no accident. This is due to its location. It is located in the mountains of the Chornohirskyi ridge, one of the slopes of the well-known peak of Hoverla. The waterfall is not a popular tourist attraction, so it is always relatively clean, quiet and peaceful. This is explained, in particular, not by the most convenient approach. Only a trained person who is in good physical shape will be able to get to Prut's "miracle of nature". However, a difficult hike is worth it, because there is incredible beauty ahead.

Description of Prut Waterfall

The object consists of six cascades, with the largest being 12 meters high. It is located in the massif of Chornohora, a picturesque area. It should be noted that the total height difference at the Prut Waterfall reaches 80 meters, which makes it in a sense a record holder. Feeding this "handsome" is carried out by the flow of the Prut River, which begins on the slopes of the highest mountain in Ukraine - Hoverla. Near the waterfall is a trail that leads to its top. Just 2.5 kilometers from it is the base "Zarosliak", which is a favorite destination of many tourists. It is important to note that the Upper Prut Waterfalls are considered a natural monument, which is part of the Carpathian National Natural Park.

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Infrastructure and what to do?

Not far from the waterfall there is an ecological cognitive trail "On Hoverla", which leads to the highest peak of Ukraine. Near the Prut "miracle" there are many interesting places that are ideal for making memorable photos. Near the waterfall there are several good locations where you can put up a tent, organize a picnic. During the season at the foot, locals gather wild berries, including cranberries, blueberries and noble mushrooms. They come here to be in nature, to enjoy the sound of falling water, birdsong, clean fresh air and the beauty that opens up.

Good restaurants located near the waterfall are located in the city of Vorokhta. One of them is "Stara Vorokhta", located at 66 Danylo Halytskyi street. It will offer Ukrainian cuisine, including the most delicious borsch, dumplings, trout, cheesecakes with jam, branded mulled wine and aromatic coffee. Meals will be accompanied by unobtrusive live music and quality service. The modern interior and pleasant atmosphere will delight every guest of this restaurant. Its prices are more than democratic.

A good decision will be a visit to the restaurant "Donechky", which is very tasty and at affordable prices prepare national cuisine. The complex is located on Halytskoho Street, 3. Delicious pizza can be tasted at the pizzeria "Zolotyi Rih". The place has a convenient location, helpful staff, reasonable prices. The menu also includes meat dishes, cheeses, burgers, soups, pasta, chicken broth, tacos and a number of other offerings.

It is best to stay overnight in one of the hotels in Vorokhta. An excellent solution would be to choose the villa "Khonka", which is 3.2 kilometers from the ski resort and 25 kilometers from Bukovel. The cottage has five bedrooms. The rooms have panoramic windows, underfloor heating, bathroom, furniture, appliances. The complex has a bath, tub, barbecue, brazier, gazebos. The cottage Zgarda also has good conditions, which is 10 minutes from the center of Vorokhta. For the night, we recommend a visit to the living room "Raishtoky", which is a two-story mansion.


There are several routes, each of which can lead to this waterfall. One of them is the landmark of the tourist base "Zarosliak". You don't have to invent and look for adventures - you just have to follow the path that leads to Hoverla. It will be necessary to follow the flow on the left in the course of traffic. When you reach the marked area of blue, you need to go towards a large stone, and then along the path that stretches along the stream. Gradually, the trail will lead to the forest, and then to the meadow, behind which is the Prut Waterfall. It is best to focus on the coordinates of 48 ° 09′39 ″ N. 24 ° 31′08 ″ E, which will exactly lead to the destination.

The waterfall can be reached both by public transport and by car. The nearest settlement is Vorokhta, 20 kilometers away, where there is a railway station and a bus station. Trains from the capital of Ukraine, Odessa, Kremenchuk, Kharkiv, Rakhiv, Kherson, etc. stop in this city. A stable bus service to Vorokhta has been established in the direction of Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and other neighboring regions. If you drive a car - it is better to focus on the route H-09 and R-24. The easiest way to get to the waterfall is to use the transfer services from a number of hotels, private carriers.


Summary about waterfall «Prut»
Location coordinates48°09′39″ N 24°31′08″ E
HeightThe height of the largest cascade is 12 meters. The total height of the water fall is 80 meters.
Cafe/Shop at the foot of the mountain (Zaroslyak base)
Approach by carto the foot of the mountain
Congestion low
Additional entertainmentno
Price free
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Ivano-Frankivsk region, Nadvirna district, Montenegrin massif, Hoverla mountain Location of Prut on map

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