Ялинський - найвищий однокаскадний водоспад України.


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We should not ignore a very beautiful object, which is located in one of the mountains of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Unfortunately, little is known about this extraordinary record holder. Until recently, only the inhabitants of the village of Dilove knew about its existence. Probably that is why the place today does not give the impression of a "trampled" attraction, it is clean and quiet. The location is recommended for tourists who plan to climb Mount Pip Ivan, the geographical center of Europe.

Description of the waterfall

We’re talking about the largest mountainous "beauty" in Ukraine. The height of the miracle Yalynskyi reaches 26 meters, and it is located on the slope of the Mandesh ridge, in the Carpathians, above sea level at 1050 meters. The place impresses with its beauty and fantastic beauty of the canyon. The waterfall is formed by streams of the mountain river Yalyn, descending from the majestic rock to the massive ledges. Falling down, the water forms a huge number of drops. Many people compare such a spectacle, which you want to watch eternity, with the birth of countless crystal fragments shimmering with precious sparks.

It is interesting to note that people, although there were few of them at first, knew about the existence of Yalynskyi waterfall for a long time. Evidence of this is the carved inscription on the stone left by members of the family of the Hungarian nobility in the late 19th century. This is due to the fact that getting to the waterfall is very difficult. A narrow path leads to it, which is easy to get out of the way. It is best to go to the waterfall with an experienced guide. Under his guidance, you will not only reach your destination safely, but also learn about the existence of a number of interesting stories related to the Yalyn miracle.

Video from Yalynskyi waterfall

Infrastructure and what to do?

This is a great choice for lovers of hiking. Tourists come here to visit other equally interesting waterfalls, including Maniavskyi Huk and Zhenetskyi Huk. The place will delight with its magnificent landscapes and natural beauty. In summer, the waterfall is especially beautiful and pleasant. Some desperate daredevils go under the rapid stream and enjoy the effect of hydromassage. Around the object, there are a lot of opportunities to walk the shady paths, breathe fresh air, enjoy the singing of birds.

For lunch, you can stay in one of the popular restaurants Kolyba Museum, which is within walking distance of the geographical center of Europe. The institution will delight with a huge exhibition of antique household items and clothing. It offers halls for 100 and 150 people, gazebos and a summer terrace. The menu includes Transcarpathian and Hutsul cuisine. Of the farm offerings should be noted hot snack, kupati, cones, fried trout, roasted kulesh, cholent. In addition, there is a large parking lot for cars and a convenient entrance.

In search of accommodation, you should pay attention to the relatively small but very cozy Tys Hotel in the village of Dilove, designed for 5 rooms and 13 guests. The first floor of the complex is set aside for a cafe for 50 people, the second - for accommodation. Among the amenities should be noted upholstered furniture, heating, hot and cold water, modern gazebos, barbecue, wooden tables with benches. The feature of the Tys Hotel is the availability of rooms of different capacity, room cleaning, change of bed linen and towels every 3 days. A flooded river and forest are within walking distance. Information on the cost of living must be clarified in advance.

Meals at the Tys Hotel are paid separately. The menu includes dishes of Ukrainian, Hungarian and Hutsul cuisine. There are packed lunches, breakfasts and dinners. On the territory of the hotel you can organize a tent camp in coordination with the administration, book excursions, including off-road trips. The place is ideal for corporate holidays, birthdays and other memorable events.


The best way to get to Yalynskyi waterfall is from the village of Dilove. More than half of the road can be passed by car, but about 2 kilometers - on foot up a steep slope. If you go from the center of the village along the Bilyi River, you need to cover a distance of 5.5. kilometers to a wooden table with benches by the road, then walk across the bridge to the river to the waterfall. An alternative (longer) route is the road from the village of Kostylivka. You need to go to the Mandesh ridge, and then go down to Yalynskyi waterfall. The easiest way to find it is at 47°56′44″ N 24°14′52″ E

If you go to the waterfall from Kyiv, it is best to do it by train or your own car. It is necessary to focus on the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, where there is a railway station and bus station. On average, the road will take about 10-14 hours. Next you will need to use local suburban buses or trains heading towards the resorts of Yaremche and Rakhiv. The best solution is to use the transfer services offered by hotels located near Yalynskyi waterfall.


Summary about waterfall «Yalynskyi»
Location coordinates47°56′44″ N 24°14′52″ E
Height26 meters
Cafe/Shop no
Approach by carto the village of Delovoe (about 6 km from the waterfall)
Congestion low
Additional entertainmentno
Price for free
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